Automated Mould and Die Inspection System.

Industrial mould
  • Defect detection on 100% of the mould's surface.
  • Highly accurate dimensional assessment.
  • Report creation.
  • Connection to the customer's ERP.
Industrial moulds

Surface defect monitoring and dimensional inspection

  • Metrological verification according to specifications: Dimensions, parallels, perpendicularity, etc…/li>
  • Surface defects: Cracks, pores and burrs, accumulations or lack of material, knocks...
  • Inspection of complex shapes.

System benefits

  • Medal
    Detection of 99.99% of defects.
  • Gears
    System automation.
  • Check mark
    Significant reduction of losses associated with product non-quality:
    • Returns of non-conforming products.
    • Customer penalties.
    • Brand image cost.
  • Analyse
    Ability to analyse the defects found:
    • Photographic documentation of defects.
    • Ability to export the results obtained.
  • Band-aid
    Thanks to the use of the data produced by the system, we can study the defects and take corrective measures in the production phase.