Count and identify all returned RPCs accurately. Take full control of reverse logistics.

Pallets with plastic boxes stacked

Let's talk about solutions to control returned containers

Container management in the RPC pooling sector is becoming increasingly difficult due to the growing number and types of containers used, especially in logistic returns.

When collecting RPCs, they are not precisely quantified and identified, and there is no real-time traceability of all references within the supply chain.

Given the impossibility of manually counting and identifying all the RPCs in each pallet at the time of their return, due to the resources and time required, the quantities received are currently validated based on the information provided on the delivery note.

This leads to short-term inventory problems and costs associated with container losses.

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Universal RPC counting and identification system

  • Count and identify all your RPCs quickly and accurately.
  • Inform your customer in real time of the quantity and types of containers returned.
  • Achieve full traceability of RPCs with graphic documentation of the return.
  • Add returned containers into your stock based on your demand or washing priorities.
  • Automate the whole process from reception to washing.
  • Integrate the entire system into your ERP.
Innovative solutions

Unlimited inspection and counting

  • Directly from the carrier to the RPCounter without removing the layers of film that hold the containers in place.
  • Count and identify any type of container, of any size and colour, mixed on the same pallet.
  • Containers do not need to be labelled to be identified.
  • If the containers are labelled, the system identifies them and scans the Bar codes, QR, Datamatrix, etc.
  • American, European and half pallets (maximum height 2,800mm).
  • Reading accuracy greater than 99.99%.
RPCounter machine
Powerful + With added value

Full automation

  • 99% recognition accuracy.
  • Automated layouts with high processing capacity.
  • Integrated into your washing and processing line or as a stand-alone unit.
  • Connected to your WMS and ERP for full control of the solution.
  • Scan time less than 30 seconds per pallet.
  • Intuitive management system (HMI): use of web technologies, remote access to all equipment.
  • Wizard to enter containers that are unknown to the system.
  • Generation of pallet identification labels.
  • Multilingual user environment.
  • Full integration with other systems and direct connection with your company's ERP.
  • Total traceability of containers by type, by store, and by customer.
  • Generate reports with images of the scanned pallets.
  • Remote assistance from our engineers.
RPCounter results

Cutting-edge technology

  • Use of convolutional neural networks specifically designed for the process.
  • Processes up to 180 pallets per hour.
  • Scanning of all 4 sides of the pallet simultaneously (Allows the scanning of boxes partially concealed by waste).
  • Reads pallets wrapped in transparent film to prevent the boxes from falling.
  • The system can accept new references of boxes to be inspected thanks to its embedded deep learning software.
RPCounter interface