Effectively monitor all defects in your food trays.

Plastic containers for food

Check both the quality of the container and of the packaged product

Today's market requires us to manufacture containers in perfect condition if we are to reach our customers in a favourable position compared to the competition.

Our solutions based on artificial intelligence trained using specialised neural networks are able to monitor your entire production without disrupting your cycle time.

No machine or process is perfect. Trust our solutions to remove non-conforming products from your lines.

RPCotrol machine

As diverse and unique as your product

We customise our solutions to support you on your path to success.

In order to understand your needs exactly, we first listen to you very carefully.

What are the main quality requirements you are facing? What is your production model? Are there any other special features that define your unique products? How should we approach the classification of defective items? How can we use the information generated by quality control to improve your approach to production?

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Integration + Flexibility + Efficiency

Modular solutions

  • Tailored to your needs: our wide range of products offers solutions for every application and performance requirement, monitoring all types of packaging, labels and wrapping.
  • All from a single supplier: we are turnkey solution integrators.
  • Maximum performance: We adapt to our customers' machines and adjust to their line speeds, rejecting defective items in your cycle time.
  • Maximum results: Do not allow any defective products to reach your customers. Working with 0% defective items is now possible.
Food container
Innovative solutions

Full control in the cycle time

  • Control of dimensional flaws in the product.
  • Inspection of flaws on the surface or regarding colouring, pores, cracks, wrinkles, lack of material...
  • Presence or absence of elements: Napkins, food...
  • Verification of the correct positioning of the product in the container.
  • Label scan.
  • Inspection of fastenings and seals.
Food container
Intuitive operation of the system

Traceability of your production

  • Intuitive management system (HMI): use of web technologies, remote access to all equipment.
  • Multilingual user environment.
  • Full integration with other systems and direct connection with your company's ERP.
  • Full production and defect traceability.
  • Remote assistance from our engineers.
RPControl interface

Automated solutions for 100% production inspection

  • Fully autonomous system. No operator verification is required.
  • Savings in personnel costs.
  • Control 100% of production.
  • Forget about sampling or batches. Check all units without affecting the cycle time.
Food packaging machine