High-performance solutions to ensure the results of the washing process.

Stacked plastic crates

Ensure the total cleanliness of all your containers

Managing reusable containers is critical to ensuring a competitive response. The correct washing process for their subsequent integration back into the production/logistics circuit is a challenge.

To ensure delivery of thoroughly clean containers, free of pathogens, label residues or other residues, we must ensure full control of the washing process.

Our solutions allow you to successfully perform inspections in wet environments, on containers of any type of material and colour, directly at the outlet of your washing equipment.

Allow our artificial intelligence systems to discriminate non-compliant containers to run them through a more demanding wash cycle again or to remove them from the line if necessary.

Automatic washing system
Do not wash damaged boxes

Make sure your container has been properly processed

To understand your needs exactly, we need to study your concerns. What types of residues are the most difficult to remove? What are your criteria for rejecting a container? Can we use the data obtained to programme more effective cleaning in specific areas? When does a container need to be taken out of circulation? What kind of damage makes it unusable?

Every customer needs a solution that meets their expectations.

Tell us what you need

Monitor the cleaning outcome of your containers in humid environments and on wet surfaces

  • Detect any organic residue in the container.
  • Detect traces of dirt resulting from any kind of previous process (water marks, dirt, etc...).
  • Do not miss any label remnants and discriminate all or only those labels that are in areas of interest or are of a certain size.
  • Sort as OK/NOK based on the position of the residue inside the box (both outside and inside).
  • Check the appearance and quality of your items:
    • Detect damage and cracks across the entire surface of the box.
    • Damage to tabs and gratings.
    • Cosmetic defects such as discolouration or bending.
  • Reject containers that, although clean, show such a degree of deterioration that they cannot be returned to the circuit.
Full automation, powerful

Complete control of your containers

  • Reject faulty containers and return them to the washing line.
  • If broken, discard the box to remove the packaging from the cycle.
  • Monitor the cycle time of all your containers. Do not compromise your production cycle with visual spot checks.
  • Integrated directly into your washing line and connected to your ERP for total control of the solution.
  • Recognition accuracy greater than 99.99%.
Multireference system

Intuitive operation of the system

  • Intuitive management system (HMI): use of web technologies, remote access to all equipment.
  • Multilingual user environment.
  • Full integration with other systems and direct connection with the company’s ERP
  • Multi-reference system capable of inspecting all items that pass through the washer.
  • Remote assistance from our engineers.
Automatic washing chain

Cutting-edge technology

  • Use of convolutional neural networks specifically designed for the process. Specialists in detecting surfaces with traces of water, contaminants and condensation.
  • Up to 3600 boxes/hour per line.
  • Fully autonomous system. No operator verification is required.
  • Savings in personnel costs.
Drops on metal surface