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Control unit for the regulation of the conveyor belt system"
Plastic containers for food


Effectively monitor all defects in your food trays.

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Pallets with plastic boxes stacked


Count and identify all returned RPCs accurately. Take full control of reverse logistics.

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Stacked plastic crates


High-performance solutions to ensure the results of the washing process.

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The Circular Economy at Ausil Systems

We participate in circular projects that seek to increase the shelf life of products to enhance the value chain segment involving the reuse of containers. By extending the use of resources, we are clearly committed to reducing energy consumption and the use of raw materials.


They seek a new pattern of consumption

They are responsible for verifying the correct condition of the containers to certify that they can perform their role in the cycle. Those that are damaged but can be repaired are not discarded; they are repaired and processed to extend their shelf life. It is a matter of objectively establishing which items can still provide customers with an efficient service.

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They are efficient and innovative, creating better environmentally friendly processes

We seek to save energy by checking the state of cleanliness of the containers inspected so that only those that need to be cleaned are put through a new cleaning cycle. We save water, energy and detergent to minimise the environmental impact of the activity at all times.


They manage waste responsibly

The automatic monitoring of the condition of our containers allows us to discard containers that can no longer be safely used. Discarded items are sorted so that they can be properly processed and recycled. Our role is to deal responsibly with waste management, ensuring that it is not disposed of incorrectly by another operator.



From the design phase of our systems, we introduce criteria to minimise the consumption of raw materials during production, to extend their useful life and to increase the extent to which their components can be recycled.