A commitment to the artificial intelligence of the future.

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Building solutions hand-in-hand with our customers

Ausil Systems is an innovative technology-based company that designs, manufactures, installs and maintains advanced automated inspection systems, tailored to the particular needs of each client as a turnkey project integrator.

We have combined our experience in the field of programming with our expertise in artificial vision to become one of the few 360º integrators in Spain.

We have offices and workshops throughout the country and are able to respond to global in-line inspection projects.

Proud of our Made in Spain reputation, we work with the world's best manufacturers of vision components to provide our systems with the best hardware on the market, not to mention our know-how in two disciplines that are the key to differentiating us from other solutions: Mastery of GPU development technologies and our cutting-edge knowledge of the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

Digitization of an artificial intelligence

Ausil Systems: A firm commitment to the circular economy

The circular economy is the new production and consumption model that guarantees sustainable growth over time. Through the circular economy, we promote the optimisation of resources, the reduced consumption of raw materials and the use of waste by recycling it or giving it a new life and converting it into new products.

The goal of the circular economy is to make the best use of the material resources available to us by extending the life cycle of products. The idea comes from imitating nature, where everything is of value and everything is put to good use, where waste becomes a new resource.

Until now, companies have applied linear production models, i.e. we extracted, produced, consumed and discarded. This results in an accelerated rate of consumption; fast, but unsustainable for the planet.

The circular economy establishes a more sustainable production and consumption model, in which raw materials are kept in production cycles for longer and can be reused on a recurring basis, thus generating much less waste. As the name suggests, the key to this model is to keep resources in the economy for as long as possible, ensuring that the waste we generate can be used as raw material by other industries.

Ausil Systems is committed to maintaining a balance between progress and sustainability, equipping our customers with technology that allows them to make the most of their resources and reintroducing containers into the value chain in optimal conditions so that they can be used again and again. This ensures that once their life cycle is over, they can be discarded and recycled in an effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Our commitment is to extend the life of the product as long as possible by ensuring, through our inspections, that it meets the necessary requirements to be reused.

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