In-Line Inspection Systems

In a constantly changing and increasingly demanding global market, there are multiple and diverse manufacturing inspection needs. In order to be competitive, you must ensure that no defective products reach the next step of the production chain - and ultimately the customer -. Consequently, product inspection must be performed on the 100% of your production.

Nowadays, for inspection activities, coordinate measuring machines or 3D scanning systems are often used. However, the main limitation of these systems is its low acquisition speed, being inefficient and difficult to use in cycle time in a mass production environment.

Due to this, only a small percentage of manufactured products is checked, so it is necessary to group them in batches. When the inspection of a batch sample is negative the whole batch is rejected, with consequent waste of time, material and resources.

In order to avoid these Non-quality costs, AUSIL SYSTEMS designs, builds and integrates into your production line fully automated inspection systems allowing 100% inspection of objects, parts or products in mass industrial manufacturing environments, with the accuracy and traceability required for its quality control. This way, we can remove the defective product of the production chain on time.

Technology + Customization + Experience = Optimal Solution

We rely on the use of market standard components, together with the latest technology and own developments that allow us to offer our customers the optimal and customized solution for their inspection needs with a fast return on investment.