Purpose and ownership of www.ausilsystems.eu

This website has been created with the aim of offering its users a detailed information about the company Automatización y Sistemas de Inspección en Línea Global, S.L. (hereinafter AUSIL SYSTEMS) as well as different means to contact and communicate with us. Also, the posibility to access the information about AUSIL SYSTEMS is offered.

The VAT Id Number and address of AUSIL SYSTEMS, for the purposes of this legal notice, is as follows:

VAT Id#: ESB87210795
Postal address: Plaza del Humedal, 4, Ent. 2. 33207 Gijón - Asturias - Spain

You can contact us at the following phone number and address:

Telephone: +34 91 826 80 25
Email: info@ausilsystems.eu

About the Legal Property and Copyright

The owner of this website and its content is the company Automatización y Sistemas de Inspecci&ocuate;n en L&icaute;nea Global, S.L. (hereinafter AUSIL SYSTEMS). Transmission, transfer, sale, lease and / or public exhibition of this website without the permission of the owner is prohibited. The information presented on this site is for guidance being AUSIL SYSTEMS exempt from any liability arising from the lack of accuracy or effectiveness of such information.

AUSIL SYSTEMS reserves the right to modify the content of the website without notice and without any limitation. The information provided on this website or introduced through its forms must be truthful and not violate the rights of third parties or the law.

AUSIL SYSTEMS declines any contractual responsibility or tort to the person or company damaged by by computer viruses or computer elements of any kind by not being able to 100% guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements on the web.

Terms of Use of the Website

AUSIL SYSTEMS offers on its website information related to the type of activity, products and services performed under the terms and conditions that are raised.

AUSIL SYSTEMS reserves the right to update, modify or delete the information contained in www.ausilsystems.eu (and redirections from www.ausilsystems.com and www.ausilsystems.es), limiting or denying the access to such information if necessary. Especially AUSIL SYSTEMS reserves the right to remove, limit or prevent access to its website when technical difficulties arise from events or outside circumstances to AUSIL SYSTEMS that, at its discretion, reduce or remove the safety standards adopted for the proper functioning of the website.