The automation of industrial processes is, without a doubt, an essential component of the competitiveness of the present industry.

As a broader engineering discipline than a control system, automation includes the industrial instrumentation, covering sensors, field transmitters, control and supervision systems, transmission and collecting data systems and real-time software applications to monitor and to control plants operations and industrial processes.

All our inspection systems are equipped with the necessary automation elements to work as designed with the customer, cause it is essential that the integration of the inspection system in customer production lines is performed as planned and with maximum safety.

We are specialist in robotic cells, feeders, actuators, positioners, tools and other mechanical and electronic components needed to launch our in-line inspection systems.

Using the latest three-dimensional computer-aided industrial design techniques we can show you the proposed system and the simulation of its operation since the earliest stages of the project.

By means of SCADA applications design and programming we can display all your plant readings in real time, both numeric and graphic records, and recording and monitoring of scheduled alarms.